Author Topic: Let's see your pickup trucks  (Read 95734 times)

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Re: Let's see your pickup trucks
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This is my first vehicle ever I had.
1999 GMC Sierra, 5.7 vortec v8. Some dude turned into me and the trailer I was pulling which knocked the trailer into a light pole (bent it in half) and made the rear tires of the truck rise up then slam back down destroying the rear wheels.

Insurance totaled it, even though the bed side needed to be replaced so I bought it back from insurance for $450. Put a new bedside on, had it fully repainted by my dads buddy and put some new wheels on it. This is the day I got it back from paint and the tire shop. Still got this thing, 275,000 miles and 0 issues other than regular maintenance.

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Re: Let's see your pickup trucks
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I dig that Dodge..very cool.

Thanks man, I do too.

I'm going to sell the MM, and concentrate on doing up the D50.
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