Author Topic: Registering a bike that you do not have the ownership papers for in Ontario  (Read 41047 times)

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Ask for Natalia, she'll give you all the details.

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I am following this one I have a bike with no reg but I am not in Ont so I have sent off for a package containing the last reg owners name etc we will see how it goes
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So yesterday I had the appraiser drop over to my house and check out my bike so I can get vintage insurance. The appraiser was Jim Danniels a well-known local vintage bike restores and builder, it was a real privilege to meet the man. We spent a lot of time just talking about vintage bikes and how modding than has become more accepted. Also got a few names of contacts for future goodies for my bikeÖ
Jim liked my work and said it was tastefully do, itíll be going on the books as a 1968 Norton Mercury with a 750 motor upgrade. I will be getting the paperwork in a day or two from Jim, so Iíll be off to get her insured and on the road.
Anyone ever change the description on their ownership, from Home made 2010 to 1968 Norton Mercury as an example. Since owning the bike I have been able to find out the Make and year the bike was built (frame). The appraiser will be writing up the appraisal for a 1968 Norton Mercury so Iím hoping this will help.
I just want to have the ownership match the bike again.
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