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GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« on: Feb 07, 2011, 09:00:06 »

It is with great honour, that I introduce you to the newest member of the oohsam family. "Romesy".

Lately, a passion has been instilled deep within to build myself a cafe racer. I think it was inspired many years ago, when I was obsessed with motorcycle build shows such as, biker build off, and Orange County Choppers, I would sit wide eyed infront of the tube, and watch them purely for the artistic creation that is born and bred into a motorcycle that one can truly admire and adore.

I often feared that I could build nothing close what I saw on these shows, however, after scouring the internet and forums, and found typical Joes building, or should I say, rebuilding bikes that were lost in time, and making them look bad ass, classy, and somewhat unique, i thought "hey, I can do this".

If you're anything like me, once an idea is planted deep within, its impossible to stop, and my wife knew the world of trouble we were in when I mentioned the words "Hunni, I think I want to build a cafe racer". She knew it was too late, so she joined the hunt to find a suitable bike.
I stated a thread maybe 2 days ago asking for advice on a suitable base bike to begin this build, and the response was overwhelming and I took the expertise from bikes with more experience than I, and dived deep into the hunt.

So without further ado, Here she is. Romesy....

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #1 on: Feb 07, 2011, 09:04:37 »

So after confirming that she does start up and runs well, I decided it was time to kick the project up a notch.

On the list of things to do was to sort out the wiring. The wiring, at best, is terrible. I had to completely bodge the wiring off the fuse box to get the bike to start and i hate how many wires are dangling and taped up.

The Old Loom :

The original owner really did a number with this wiring...So instead of actually woking it all out, I decided to start from scratch and create my own simplified wiring loom.
I got the base loom design off and made some changes.

Automotive cable is quite expensive, and i wanted some good quality stuff. After much calling around. I managed to find a roll for 9.95 for 30 meters and its high quality stuff. Got it from the 12v shop here in melbourne.

Along with the cable, I decided to replace all the connectors...Might as well do it properly.

And let the soldering begin! Along with my trusty multimeter, a piece of cardboard to protect the carpet, and my wooden soldering stand made form 2 offcuts of my merbau deck.....

Completed Loom..

And here are the new vs old. The old ones are quite brittle.

I also replaced the fusebox. I had to mod the fusebox so that accessory fuses would get power when the ignition was on. Just soldered a strip of wire along the back of the accessory fuses, bridged to the ignition fuse...When ignition has power = accessories have power.

Finished Loom....New fusebox. All works well. I replaced all the bullet connectors coming off the bike with the clip connectors. Its much easier to dismantle the loom and the clips seal well.

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #2 on: Feb 08, 2011, 07:22:11 »

The best thing about staggered ordering from ebay...You get a gift every day!

Handlebars arrived. as well as the clutch and brake controls..Cant wait to get these on!
I'm waiting on a tripple clamp from america.
The part I got from Sydney, turned out to be for a GS1100GK...Even though the guy told me it was a GS1100G...They are different...different enough to not fit.
So till that part comes in. I got no front end!

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #3 on: Feb 08, 2011, 07:22:38 »

Oh yeah! New switches arrived.

These are 3 way switches...They have 2 buttons and a 3 way switch..
The plan was to use one switch for indicators, horn and high beam flash. And the other was for Kill switch and start button..and leave the last button blank.

I pulled the switch apart to see how it works, and im not overly impressed with the quality. The indicator part of the switch is very good and solid. That will work well. The button on the top seems good too, but the button on the side, is built really bad...So I'm considering not using it at all, and getting an independent Horn button. I also have to find a switch for the headlight (On/High beam) but I cant find anything that will match. I might just put get a on/off switch from jaycar and keep the light on all the time and highbeam with the switch. Not sure yet.

Aftermarket motorcycle controls are really hard to I might just modify these to suit my application. I have to make sure the bike meets all the ADR's, which I'm going through thoroughly. I dont want to miss anything.

THe other option is to totally not have a high beam...This is legal and complies to the ADR's...but I dunno. I like having a highbeam.

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #4 on: Feb 08, 2011, 07:23:03 »

Went out the other day and picked up the headlight!
boooo yeah. Cant wait to mount this sucker...its a 7inch headlight. Picked it up from a motorcycle shop in Collingwood....Cant remember the name of the place now but the owner is an absolute champ. Has lots of a little pricey but this was a good pickup for me based on the prices for international shipping on all the ebay lights I found....def happy with this purchase.

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #5 on: Feb 09, 2011, 00:33:37 »
This is some good stuff! About your custom wiring harness... What wires did you keep? What wires did you ditch?
1980 Suzuki GS450L --- Cafe racer (sold :()
1983 Suzuki GS1100ED --- It's a big bike!

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #6 on: Feb 09, 2011, 05:47:41 »
Hey noobzooki.
I kept enough wires in the harness to get the bike running and took out most of the garbage that I dont need.

I used a wiring diagram i found on The gs Resrouces site.

So that harness is just to get the bike running with kill switch etc.
And the fusebox I hooked up is for another wiring harness for the accessories. Which I have not incuded here. Its easy enough, cable goes to switch, comes out, goes to light, and unit is earthed. Switch is on, light is on.
So its a piece of cake.

This was actually very easy to do and I was shit scared to do it as I knew nothing bout wiring diagrams and what not before I started.
I can now totally rely on my wiring coz i know its done right...

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #7 on: Feb 13, 2011, 08:59:04 »

Hey yall.
I havn't been on for a while, but I have been busy.

Tripple clamp came in from the US.
I just needed the top triple clamp, but I bought an entire tripple clamp, top and bottom.
WHen I went to fit the top, it didnt line up with my current forks. I was pretty upset as this is the second triple clamp I bought....
Then I realised, becuase i have the bottom tripple clamp as well, i could replace the entire unit.
The only difference is that my current clamp is in a V formation, and this one is more straight. Basically brings the forks closer to the frame by about 10mm.
not a big deal.

Ripped it off, and loaded it up. A bit of a hard job to do alone when you dont have decent jacks and what not, but i managed with some wood and some good balancing skills.

Also fitted a new clutch cable, mounted the key lock, and installed a throttle cable and new throttle sleeve...and put the grips on.

I'm pretty happy with the outcome at present....

Here's what she looks like now.

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #8 on: Feb 13, 2011, 08:59:36 »

Decided to get started on the tank.
I stripped off the petock, and the fuel level indicator. I was going to get the rust out from the inside of the tank first but i wasn't sure if i was going to use vinegar, or electrolysis. Yet.
So I thought I'd just strip the paint first...Here are some Before/During/After shots.

Never used paint stripper before, so i was quite amazed to watch it working. Was pretty

NOTE TO ALL - Do not use Polystyrene as your workmat..this stuff melts as soon as contact is made with stripper..haha..we used to melt the stuff when I was little with petrol but I wasnt thinking. I quickly changed the mat to cardboard!

During...Had to do this about 5 times as the first time stripped the clear, second and thrid did the next few layers of paint, and the fourth and fifth removed the primer and bits and pieces that hardened before i got to get it off...

After : There are some rust spots on the tank...Will use some CLR or some agent that will convert it before I primer it.

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Re: GS1100g Cafe Racer - Project Romesy
« Reply #9 on: Feb 13, 2011, 09:00:26 »

Also. Put together my sandblasting box.
Now I can sandblast freely in my garage. Had to borrow a mates compressor as mine was struggling to keep up.
Its quite a lengthy process to sandblast something large. So I might just keep it to do the smaller stuff....