Author Topic: 76 CB360, Cherry Bomb at Barber's  (Read 191005 times)

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Re: SWING ARM STRETCH, 76 CB360, How do you like it???
« Reply #10 on: Jul 07, 2011, 13:34:40 »
Looks good. Hide the battery & electronics to open up the frame.

Post a "before" picture.
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Re: SWING ARM STRETCH, 76 CB360, How do you like it???
« Reply #11 on: Jul 07, 2011, 13:40:48 »
Perhaps ditch the rear fender too.
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Stretch looks hawt.

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Looks awesome. It proBably doesnt wheelie anyway. How does it handle?
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looks pretty good, engine is def unique but goes with the colors

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Love the stretch. The red engine is my color but awesome that you did it. Is your battery between those K&N filters?

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Re: SWING ARM STRETCH, 76 CB360, How do you like it???
« Reply #16 on: Aug 02, 2011, 01:42:42 »
I think the all red engine looks kinda funky.

Maybe some let some raw aluminum show through? Fins, stator cover, that kind of thing.

The swingarm looks good though.

I agree with this gent here. The red engine would be top-notch with some contrast and coloring detail. Right now it's a solid mass, break-up the bulk of red with some black and/or raw metal in spots to make it really stand out.
It's screaming "look at me, look at me! I'm pretty!" Pretty, but no personality.
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Love the extended swing-arm, the color palette, the seat. Looks rad man!

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This is a good use of color on a engine (although I'm still not a big fan).

Although you painted the fins, the engine still looks like a big hunk of plastic. I know it was a lot of work painting the entire engine...and it'll be even more work stripping it, but you'll have a much better response to your bike, if thats what your looking for.

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i love the stretch but not to fond of that red engine..... take the paint off all the little covers, wire wheel it then polish, file paint off the fins, itll make it look better in my books, maybe add a little black too. but if you like it then dont change it!
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the stretch looks great i dig the red chain and love the red motor.   if u put color in it with the red would be cool but my opinion is keep it all red i dig it also bike looks sexy ass hell nice build