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Re: xs500 thingy-mah-bobber- (Rolling teaser pic)
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Well from where it stands now, it looks like you've solved your rear-end rubbing problem... Heh....
And it looks like it lower the bike a little bit more and seems to flow with the brat/bobber thing you're going for. Nice solution!
Personally, I think the XS500 is an odd choice for this bike, I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but I think it's coming together nicely, and it's definitely going to be unique!!

You should be able to easily attach your rear fender to the swingarm now, and that'll keep it tight to the rear wheel. I assume you're planning to add some more bracing to the rear section of the frame; that little piece of strapping welded in there doesn't seem like enough just yet...
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Re: xs500 thingy-mah-bobber- (Rolling teaser pic)
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It was never in the plans to leave the the frame rails straight like in the first set of pics. I wanted it to flow with the backbone and tank better.
I just made some struts/brackets that attach to my rear lower shock mounts and then to a fender and adjusted my original idea for a seat pan to allow for more clearance.
That 'strapping" is actually thicker then it looks, but yes i plan to add two more similar to it, for the front of the seat and for the tank.
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Re: xs500 thingy-mah-bobber- (Rolling teaser pic)
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you'll wanna add some brackets to strengthen where you've lowered the top rails, theres a bit of a bending moment potential there. last thing we want is for the frame to fail :D

this is looking badass though. loving where you're heading, and the tank is badass.