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Morris Mag Wheels
« on: Nov 18, 2011, 02:03:07 »
Set of Morris wheels 19x1.85 front,16x2.5 rear.They bolt directly to a 1975 or 76 CB750 Super Sport. With rear disc conversion will also bolt to earlier CB 750K. Includes front axle setup and front/rear disks. Tires will be removed before shipping. $450 plus shipping or best offer.

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Re: Morris Mag Wheels
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I REALLY wish I had the $ for this..... No I have to look away cause its gonna hurt to see these get away from me :(

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Re: Morris Mag Wheels
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Are these the real deal? Are they authentic morris mags? Or are they just kawasaki wheels? My info may be incorrect but i thought morris only come in 19" to 17". Only way to find is to check the "spokes" for M stamp.
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Re: Morris Mag Wheels
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These are genuine Morris wheels. However they were made by Morris for the 1976 KZ1000 limited. This was the only bike Morris provided the wheels for Kawasaki . After this Kawasaki started making  a similar copy for themselves. See photo below.