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'76 CJ360T BobTard
« on: Mar 20, 2012, 00:12:31 »
Well, Finally settled on a project. I've had an 87 XL600 I had been wanting to hardtail and make me a big 1 lung bobber with...just to be different, but I lost interest in the bike. First time I rode it, I went on a little dual-sport jaunt with some friends and I went down, good. Kinda gave me a bad juju taste for the bike, so I sold it for 300 more then  bought it for!

My friend tossed this bike up on facebukkake for a song and having a little brother who is an avid surfer, and works at a surf shop up here in the north east...I just got a feeling with the bike and had to have it. This is how it sits now:

I can only imagine how many years that sticker has been on there, its baked onto the tank! She starts VERY easy tho, and runs great. It has a slight hesitation in 2nd when I'm hard into it...possibly a bad coil, plug, none of it has been changed in YEARS, haha. I've got a pamco ignition on the way already just to be safe. I've never had good luck with points, they seem to shit out on me every time when it's the worst possible time to. But anyways, onto the plans!

I was going to shoot towards a hardtail street tracker with my XL, so I have parts laying around for that you could say. Basically, an oldschool bobber meets supermoto...kinda? Fat dual 18'' wheels, dual CRF250F exhaust, inverted CR125 fork dropped 4", jockey shift with foot clutch, whatever other cool shit I feel like putting into it. I'll be ditching the speedo, keeping the tach and factory controls. I have an old small ammo box for a battery/electronics box too, I'll be tossing any other piece of cool anything I find in my accumulated pile of random junk too.

I know there bikes are difficult to hartail, so I just figured I'd order the TC bros. hardtail kit. I have a tubing bender, but at 300 a pop for dies...I'll make my money with my 1 3/4 die with cages, bumper etc, and i'll keep it that way. The kit will be a starting point, I'll add tube or whatever is needed as its needed. I also am ordering the foreward controls kit. Again...I could build that from scratch, but I'm just saving myself a few steps, I was this thing done soon, and every little fabrication step counts.

I'm new to this site...So might as well say I have a little background in everything. Im a ski area groomer and mechanic, diesel mechanic, fabricator, dirtbiker, kayaker, oldschool hardcore music tattood typical rat rod n bobber jalopy. I've got my hands in a little of everything. Fabrication on the weird is nothing new to I was a fabricator for two years at which build some of the craziest advertising vehicles you could imagine.

So siked to start cutting!
Ok at much, good at nothing.

76CJ360T tardtail

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Re: '76 CJ360T BobTard
« Reply #1 on: Mar 21, 2012, 22:49:18 »
Well then...get busy.  Im ready to see it done.

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Re: '76 CJ360T BobTard
« Reply #2 on: Mar 22, 2012, 21:19:32 »
Well then...get busy.  Im ready to see it done.

thats motivation right there.