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Re: My Mustangs
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OMG... you owned a SOHC Boss 429?
The 69 sportroof style is my all time favorite, (think I stated that before onn this thread)but can only DREAM of ever seeing a "Big Boss" they are so rare.
You have now elevated to almost a God status in my eyes.

No ............... it was the Boss 429 NASCAR.

NASCAR being the important bit. They had to make 400 for road use to get them homologated for racing. amongst other differences to the "stock" Boss 429, the front wings [ fenders ] were 2" wider and reinforced.  It was even accepted into the Shelby American Auto Club [ still have my Shelby signed certificate somewhere ! ], and many years later when I showed Carroll the pix - he went all glassy eyed and I spent the next 4 hours being regailed by Shelby on chapter and verse about the history of the NASCAR model.

Here' the weird part ............ in 1980 a guy walked into my Speed Shop [ "Muscle City" ] and asked if I was interested in a Mustang with the engine stripped [ but complete ] in the boot. Very low mileage and one owner from new.

At that time I already had a fleet of 5 Mustangs, and needed another like a hole in the head - especially with a stripped and potentially incomplete engine.

Brief backgrounder [ bloody hell - a mini Tale  ! ] our shop was the most popular in the Midlands and was run pretty much like a big club for the boys - pool table, pin ball machines, etc.,etc. and Saturdays were beer and burnouts days. We also had a good deal going in CB radios and equipment - at that time illegal in the UK.

Anyway I told the guy I wasn't interested and he settled down to a game or two of pool. After a few games and a few beers he said would I swap the Mustang for a pool  table [ another of my sidelines ] and a couple of CB radios ?

Well that was too good to pass up - so a deal was done.

A few days later one of his drivers brought the Mustang round to the shop and parked it out back and collected his pool table and CBs.

I had no immediate interest in the car and it was 3 or 4 days before I got one of my guys to go and check it out - and specifically to see if the motor was all there. None of us had ever seen a SOHC 429 - never mind a NASCAR version - so when he came back in and reported the engine all there - but it was " some sort of TRUCK engine" I was even less interested and put it up for sale in the shop notice board. It was about a week later that one of my regular customers came in and asked to look at the car. It was actually the first time I'd had more than a casual glance at it !  I was immediately struck by the overall condition [ excellent ] - it was sitting on Superior slot mags with the as new Kelsey Hayes Magnum 500 steels in the back along with the engine. When I opened the boot [ trunk ] to show the guy the engine, I recognised it immediately ..... no truck engine this ! The car was taken off sale there and then and we rebuilt it [ pix above ] - the engine requiring NOTHING at all - the fault [ and reason for stripping ] was down to faulty carbs and 2 failed cylinder seal "O" rings.

Six months later I swapped the car with a collector for a De Tomaso Pantera. Ten years ago my old Boss was sold at Sotherby's for 55,000 [ $100,000 ? ] . Cost me a reconditioned pool table, 2 x CBs and 3 days labour and less than 50's worth of gaskets and parts !!!!!!!!!

BTW - it was jolly quick !!!!!!!!!
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