Author Topic: Sully's Garage Episode 3. Rebuilding the Master cylinder on a CB750  (Read 12835 times)

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Sorry for the delay in getting a new vid up. Enjoy.

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Okay... this is a great vid.
Now I've been boiling two master cylinders for about two hours now with no sign of the seized bits freeing up... any suggestions anyone?

Edit- I got the bits freed up with patience and beer...
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Awsome! Great videos Sully!
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I'll be ordering the rebuild kit shortly........
I think I'll get the cylinder powder coated while I'm at it.

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Very Helpful, thought it would be much harder to do.

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I just rebuilt my master cylinder today. Getting the clip ring out and back in is the hardest thing! I need to invest in a good pair of clip ring pliers. Other than that it's not that bad.

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My entire front brake system is messed up, including the master cylinder. i had no idea what to do or how to start, i just knew that my piston was seized. then i saw this video. currently waiting for the next 6 hours to elapse and free up that boiled piston!