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Author Topic: 1980 cb750F "Penny"  (Read 138 times)

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1980 cb750F "Penny"
« on: Dec 20, 2014, 18:15:38 »
Hey everyone, this is my first post and first major project for anything I've ever done so be gentle. ;)

This is my first motorcycle as well, I mean the first time I had even ridden a motorcycle was when I test drove this thing lol. I picked this old girl up in running condition for $800 in probably the smallest town I have ever been to.  I showed up on a Sunday to buy it, and the seller and his wife were all decked out to go to church.  At the time I guessed that they were pentecostal and so I nick-named the bike "Penny".

The bike had obvious signs of being laid over at some point, so I replaced the bent bars and mismatched levers with a bunch of ebay stuff, new cables, new headlight/ signals, new battery and new tires.  The wiring had also been messed with so that took some figuring out.  ::)

Pretty lucky that Alberta doesn't require MVI  ;D
I ripped around for a while, learned to ride, got my licence, ripped around some more..  The plan was originally just to have it as a starter bike but I got more attached to it as time went on.
So, I started making plans, cleaned out the shed and turned it into a 7.5' x 9' workshop :P

Tore it to pieces..

Cleaned the carbs out

Found a couple surprises :-\

Started hoarding parts..
Gixxer front end

Carpy 4-1

Getting ideas.. Not sure if I'm going to keep this tank or not. I'll have to see if I come across anything I like more

My dog always seems to make his way into pictures

Cleaned up some parts.  Sent my cylinders out to be bored as soon as my 65mm pistons came in. Didn't grab a picture of them. Bumping it up to 823cc  :D

Lots of grime on these things lol

Gave myself black lungs wire wheeling everything down to bare metal and chopped off all the tabs and center stand that I'm not going to need anymore

And that just about brings me up to date, I've got some more parts in the mail and my stem is out being pressed.
I've got a long way to go, but I like to think I've got a half decent start  8)