Author Topic: Bell Star III (or II) face shield replacement..anyone have one for measurements?  (Read 865 times)

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I know this might be a shot in the dark goes...

I've got a couple of Bell Star IIIs (SNELL 1975, size 7 1/8 | 58) without the face shields and will be making my own Lexan replacements. I'm wondering if any of you guys would have one with the shield that I might get measurements from, or even better a scan or tracing from which I could make a template.

I've found some NOS replacements on ebay, but they are tinted. I want these to be clear. I've made a paper template from card stock that is decent, but I want them to look original and exact. If worse come to worse, I guess I will buy a tinted one just to make a template from.

Thanks for any help!


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Bob Heath visors should have clear ones.  Give them a try.  Great company and really easy to do business with.


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Thanks Scott! Inquiry sent.