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80 XS400 whiteout
« on: Feb 05, 2015, 21:27:19 »
Didn't know what to call it to get your attention? I'm also slowly working on a small resto-mod of my dad's xs400 as well as working on my own GR650 chop but I think this is going to take precedence for now, quite excited to see how it turns out.

Going with a clean white and pink-red scheme for my wife after seeing a clean white build on here by SGS. She is short and I think this is a perfect bike for her. She wants a small bike so this be a minimalistic build. Also will be powdercoating everything I can except for the frame since I can't bake that in a regular sized oven.

So I picked this up on christmas day for $200 not running. It's not seized and has compression so I'm sure I'll get it going. It's missing some things but most of the important stuff I'll be using was there, including 18" front and rear spoke rims with drums which I like.  The throttle shafts were seized but managed to unstick them eventually with some heat and oil.

When I picked it up it came with a mag wheel since the spoked rim was seized up and not rolling. Also a Virago 1100 tank I think he said it was. Huge. It's going.

Quickly stripped it down and removed the wiring.

Went to a salvage yard and picked up this kz440 tank for $20. Going back to pick up odd's and end's I still need that I hope they have.

Now that I have the tank I'll be using I am hoping to make some quick work of this build.

Powdered the carb bodies in white.

Got the rest of the powder so I was able to finish up the carbs.  Everything is powder coated on them, no paint. It's called Strawberry red, looks a little more pink than that to me but my wife loves them.

Also got the steel I need to modify the backbone for the new tank.

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Re: 80 XS400 whiteout
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