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So My money and time have been occupied by another project lately. I was given a super beetle by an older lady. It was her husband's car when he passed 6 years ago.

When I first saw it, it was covered in dust, had two flat tires, and a dead battery. So I put air in the tires and a battery and it wouldn't start. so the next step was a tune up and it back fired through the carb. I popped the hood and realized that #1 and #3 wires were switched on the cap. swapped them out and it fired right up. (Yes, I put the wires on the car but I swapped them one at a time so that wouldn't happen). I tried driving it around the block and it would achieve a top speed of a walking pace. I then rebuilt the brakes with all new hydraulics and drove the car home.

So now I am in the minor resto/ making it a DD phase.

I picked up a new set of tires for her and I really wanted to clean the wheels up and paint them before I mounted the new tires.



I used the Rustoleum Hammertone Silver on them. They turned out pretty well. I am a novice painter at best.

More updates soon. I hope
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Ahhh... but will she do the ton, Squire?
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Nice, I used the Duplicolor wheel paint on a set of steel wheels for my X-Trail.  I like the hammer finish.  Love the old beetles, hope you get her going without a lot of $$ invested.
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Thats a cool project lingo. My first build was a '57 oval. I was 17 years old. I loved that car.
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I can dig it!
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I am about $700 into the car including tires. I should have it road worthy this week.
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Heck yes man. My first car was a 74 Super in neon orange. Looked good, ran ok, but the motor blew up and I couldn't afford to fix it.

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I had a 65 while stationed at 29 palms.
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Why is it that it seems all gear heads, at one time or another owned an air cooled VW?
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