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Gnievomils 350F build thread
« on: Jan 23, 2013, 05:24:53 »
Well it's been a long wait but i am finally getting to tear down my bike, A 1973 CB 350F  with 10k miles on it  its a runner and the only rust is on the old exhaust.  Some of what is planned is basic cafe mods while others will include a MotoGadget system, GPS tracking unit (and kill switch), An RFID system and a few more fun things Like a one of a kind seat pad that i will be making available for purchase after you all see what it is.

Other things to mention I am currently taking a pm's to see how much interest members have in the motogadget units if they were affordable. If i get enough requests i may get them very cheap. That goes for the best GPS tracking unit on the market too so message me if you are interested in these or want more information and then stay tuned this weekend to see the tear down and grinding begin Picks will start on Friday.