Author Topic: 1980 yamaha sr250 tracker/cafe racer project  (Read 1569 times)

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1980 yamaha sr250 tracker/cafe racer project
« on: Sep 06, 2013, 01:23:07 »
Can anybody tell me how to keep my battery charged while riding?  My sr250 will ride fine until you shut it off & then its dead untill you charge the batt again.  The battery shop said the batt was good but the bike was only charging at 11 volts instead of 12+.   They had no idea why, or how to fix it & I wonder if that was just a cop out cuz the batt had a month left on the warranty.  Ive been told I need a new stator by buddies, but those are expensive & I want to spend my money finishing up buying parts to make it a tracker/café racer. Could it be the rectifier? Its killing me that I cant ride!!!