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Re: "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750
« Reply #870 on: Jul 14, 2019, 09:50:37 »
With you on that one Beach, my racebike has (supposedly) R6 forks in it that are 42mm diameter yet my tracker project has R6 forks that are 44mm diameter.
You're bike is coming up really well, shame you don't live in Oz as I'd be happy to look after your welding and machining issues if you needed it.

Hey Pete, thanx for the kind words - yea - just imagine if all us guys could pool our talents !!!

My forks were always queried by the guys on the KZ750 twin sites ... but nobody could actually say which model they came from. I wasn't bothered as I'd always intended to use the 4LS Grimeca and wire spoked wheel.
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