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'69 Honda CL175
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Couple of questions:

1) On my carbs I have an Idle Speed screw and an Idle Mixture Screw.  I cannot figure out for the life of me if out is rich or lean on the Mixture Screw.  I assume since it is on the intake side that unscrewing the screw would make it run leaner (more air)?

2) Clutch keeps coming out of adjustment - any way to lock down the clutch adjustment screw a little tighter I think it might be slipping under the strain

3) Front Brake - at high speeds when I apply the front brake I get a major shuttering - feels very dangerous!  I think the front drums are warped?  Is there a way to re-machine the drums at home.  I read something somewhere about using paint and emery paper but not sure how to do it.

4) The is oil behind the left cast cover (stator side) when I opened it - is this normal?

5) Does this look normal?

6) Tires - I have the original tires on this bike.  They are starting to crack so I may replace them with a nicer looking performance tire - any suggestions?

Thanks Guys

- Scott

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Re: '69 Honda CL175
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