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Re: Suzuki GS 550 E first timer cafe racer build UK
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Finally sorted the rear gs1000 spoked wheel.
I found a gs1000 wheel on ebay. Badly listed. Rim was scratched up badly with what looked like 100 grit or something! Spokes were rotten. Tyre was useless but I was gonna fit a new tyre anyway.
Spent hours/days sanding the chrome rim with fine wet n dry abd polished with autosol and a buffer on a drill. The rim turned out pretty good. Not mirror finish but shiney and no deep sanding scratches!
Changed the bearings to fit my 17mm gs550 axle / spindle.
I found NOS spokes from germany. Found a nice local wheel builder (awesome retired dude into his old British bikes). Finally got the tyre delivered and fitted today.
Still waiting for the front tyre! Tyre terrible customer service.
I sprayed the hub shield, rear caliper bracket and chain adjusters satin black while I was waiting for the rear tyre.
Bought a curved number plate bracket to fit to the axle. My ali brackets were too flimsy to go anywhere near the sprocket. And I could no longer fit it to the shock now I have the gas reservoirs on the shocks. The numberplate looks a bit odd on the photo but looks good in real life I think.