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Okay , today I don't make you look like one in public . You're welcome .
In case you don't know how to start a 360 degree vertical twin .
"The Britt Method"
Correct initial timing , 5 - 7 degrees before top dead center .
Both cylinders
With correct carburettors
Switch off , key off
Fuel on
Choke on
Throttle wide open
Extend the kick start arm and gently apply pressure until one of the cylinders approaches and "detents" at or near top dead center . If you need to verify look at  the the timing marks under the dyno cover  .
You are going to have to be able to find this by instinct so verifying this point in rotation the first few times is not only okay but necessary .
Now kick
Release the throttle
Locate top dead center again
Open the throttle again
Now kick
Locate top dead center again
Leave the throttle closed
Turn the key on
Turn the switch on
Kick it like you mean it .

Repeat as necessary until it's running . or flooded  , Use your own judgment with the choke  .

Look if you didn't know someone had to tell you .

Everyone here was new once , even me . That it was four decades ago makes little difference .

A certain sadistic side of me wants to allow you to endure the pain of this right of passage  because I once had to ....

...naw , the thought was enough

"If a man wants to carry two cats home by their tails, by all means let him. He’ll learn things that he might not have otherwise even guessed, and the experience will be one he’ll not soon forget!"
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If it leaks after all this? I'm gonna pull a "Brad" and bulldoze the fucker!

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