Author Topic: 1979 Kawasaki kz400 ltd H1 timing  (Read 273 times)

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1979 Kawasaki kz400 ltd H1 timing
« on: Apr 09, 2019, 14:37:07 »
I have a 1979 kawasaki kz400 ltd H1 that has a 2-1 intake with a mikuni vm34.  Has the stock headers that go to  16 inch baffles I believe.  The bike usually will start but then die right away, and when it dies, gas/air/exhaust come out the intake side of the carb, and I can see this when I take the filter off.  Also after riding the bike when I turn it off it will usually puff a little exhaust or exhaust will leak out the intake side of the carb. There appears to be no leaks between the carb and the intake manifold, and the intake manifold to the engine block.  I am wondering if this is more an electrical problem or a timing issue because the battery will lose voltage slowly.  At about a half hour of riding my battery will be at 75% charge roughly. Any ideas on my issues?

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Re: 1979 Kawasaki kz400 ltd H1 timing
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