Author Topic: 81 SR250 tracker build help  (Read 13471 times)

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Re: 81 SR250 tracker build help
« Reply #50 on: Jun 25, 2016, 18:24:18 »
Any one have advice on weather to replace an old leaking from every gasket tank valve (petcock) with a cheap New Chinese whole assembly or buy an oem $50 gasket kit?
You may be able to replace the vacuum-controlled OEM unit with a Yamaha manual unit (many XTs and TTs used this) and many times this is doable regardless of displacement. You will need to either take your old one to a dealer to compare the mounting base, or measure and search, or maybe someone else has done this already. OEM quality is always preferable.

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Re: 81 SR250 tracker build help
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Have bought one of these before and the quality was great.  Same hole centres, good price.  I just think it was missing the base o-ring. 

Then you would just have to cap off your vacuum feed on the intake boot.