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Roland Sands Vandal Jacket
« on: Sep 13, 2013, 10:57:06 »
I received my RSD Vandal Jacket in the brown color, "Ranger" I believe it's called.  I used Revzilla as the vendor, and a quick note on their service:  it really is top notch.  I ordered on Tuesday at 10:30.  The package was delivered to my office building by UPS on Wednesday.  It probably helps that their warehouse is in PA and I'm in NYC, but still, order received, processed, sent to the warehouse, and shipped on the same day.  That is significantly faster than I'd expected.  The item came in a reasonable sized box, packed with bubble-wrap and several Revzilla stickers.

On to the jacket.  It came in an RSD branded garment bag with it's own RSD branded coat hanger.  Small touches, but they did make the unboxing feel "special".  Fit and finish is excellent, I went over this thing just trying to find a blemish, tear, or dropped stitch, and it's damn near flawless.  Color-wise, the photos on the RSD website are waaaay off.  Take a look at the video from Revzilla, that's the color.  It's very nice, and like waxed canvas or oiled cotton, this will take on a life of its own as it ages and creases in different places.  I can't wait until I have had it for a year.

I know that many people feel that Roland Sands is pandering to the hipster crowd with many of his products, but it's definitely the look I've been searching for in a motorcycle jacket.  Most importantly to me, it's quality, and it doesn't have an garish logo on the chest.  I'm not interested in being anyone's walking billboard, and this jacket is minimally branded.  The buttons show the RSD logo, and there is a small leather patch on the lower left front panel when you are wearing the jacket, but it is also nicely minimal.

Fit wise, its runs just slightly small.  I am 5'9, 155, and just slightly not what one would consider athletic.  This is what I would consider an athletic medium, and further, for a long-distance runner athlete, not a bench-presser.  Big chest and shoulders?  I'd say go large.

If you watch the Revzilla video, the guys go a good job of showing the features, but miss two points: there is a cell phone pocket in the left front panel when you are wearing the jacket, and the left front pocket has a clip for keys in a three inch permanent lanyard.  No more hunting for the hour keys!

Overall, I'm pleased.  I can tell this will not protect me as well as a dianese leather suit, or some other technical leathers, but for 35-40 MPH riding in NYC, it's probably enough on a slower bike.  It matches superbly well with my white Gringo and tan Lee Parks deerskin gloves.  With the optional pads, which I will purchase, this will be as protective as probably 85% of the jackets out there.  I say that based on absolutely no research.  YMMV

Looks great on and off bike, that's what I wanted, I'm happy.  Photos to come.
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Roland Sands Vandal Jacket
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Re: Roland Sands Vandal Jacket
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maybe its because im from california, but i dont think negative about roland sands at all, everything hes turning out is great, including his line of riding jackets. great purchase man!
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Re: Roland Sands Vandal Jacket
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Pictures never came. :'(