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Re: Gasolina classics vs. lewis leather westway
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I had gasolina make me a pair ( I got a big hoof) in size 15. I kid you not I got my boots in 3 weeks. From order to my door. Could not be happier with them.  They fit better than any other boots I own and are made of a stiff yet supple leather and have a nice sole.
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Re: Gasolina classics vs. lewis leather westway
« Reply #11 on: Dec 18, 2015, 16:30:58 »
Hey, been awhile right? well I figured i'd give the boots time to see how they are in the long run. Now, I can't really compare the westways to the ton ups, but i can to the autobahns since that's what i got (no longer have them unfortunately)

the gasolina autobahns: these were pretty comfortable through and through, i'd wear these practically everyday and still would if I still had them

Now here's where I get PISSED OFF. The lewis leather westways.... Probably the worst pair of boots I ever owned.. I'd get blisters on my heels from walking half a mile.. Even after giving them a few months to break in. The zippers failed on both boots and i had to send them back to get repaired, and now just the other day, the zipper failed on the left boot. AGAIN. So now i'm stuck wearing canvas sneakers while i'm riding in the winter... Great.. Yours for years alright.. I emailed lewis to see if they could atleast give me a discount on the mechanic boots they're offering since apparently the westways can't hold up to... whatever.. I never really abused them at all and tried to take good care of them. I wore them daily as much as i could.. when they would function properly.. Lewis is too busy making facebook advertisement posts to respond to me yet though... So as far as I can say right now, AVOID LEWIS LEATHERS. it's not even worth the price. I'm not the only guy whose had issues with their boots either.. I will say though that the leather is definitely some of the best I've handled, the itshide commando sole is really good too.. but you can put those on any goodyear welted boots.

Now there's another company back in business, Goldtop. I'm hoping they roll around with some shorter boot styles. I've been in contact with them, and they are a lot more flexible than lewis when it comes to customization, and there prices are also better as well.
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