Author Topic: Arrrrrrrgh! CARBS!  (Read 1542 times)

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Re: Arrrrrrrgh! CARBS!
« Reply #10 on: Apr 03, 2014, 23:28:08 »
I bought new boots for my CB360, now the carbs fall off.....Amazing how hard rubber gets over 38 years...

If you are going on and off a lot, new rubber will make it MUCH easier
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Re: Arrrrrrrgh! CARBS!
« Reply #11 on: Apr 03, 2014, 23:42:22 »
Damage your engine at all or did you wrap it in something where it touched?

No and no. Just stuck it in there from above (that's what he said?) and gently applied a shit ton of pressure. and they finally came off. I took them off the other day after softening them with wintergreen about a year ago and it took some grunting and rocking back and forth but wasn't terrible.
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