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Re: Dirtbag Oil-Boiler
« Reply #120 on: Feb 15, 2019, 21:14:13 »
Ive been refurbishing this sweet stainless Yoshimura duplex. The slip fit collars were seized on the primaries and I broke two of them trying to get them off. I think its because they were aluminum and they corroded badly. I remade the collars in mild steel out of some scrap I had. I wire wheeled the whole header and then brushed it with some 220 to remove the blotches. It had some super tough corrosion on it from the pipe wrap. I need to add about an inch to the primaries to make this 750 header fit the B12 engine. It took some amateur bashing to get the dent out of the collector but it actually looks OK. The primaries and collector are the same diameter as the stock bandit header and after talking to Dale at holeshot this header sounds like it will work well with the jet kit and ignition advance I picked up.
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