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XL185s "Knockaround"
« on: Aug 03, 2014, 20:24:54 »
So this has been the bike that my girlfriend rides on trails and sand pits when we go out, Not necessarily restoring it but as progress is made on it ill try to update.

Here it is the day i picked it up a couple years ago

went through and cleaned/lubed everything and it looked pretty good. Mostly just wanted to make sure it would be safe to ride.
All i really did was the steering stem bearings, put new oil and filters, cut out the wiring for the lights (they were removed at some point before and somebody made a wire harness with all the wires "twist and tape" style. adjusted the carby some new brake shoes.

Cleaned some rust and painted her up

She loves it, took to riding really quick!
BTW the zip tied lights and plate were for a quick trip to fill up the tank and have been since removed

Basically I want to replace the front fender with an earlier model metal one ( SL or XL250?) since this plastic one has a nasty crack in it and the metal ones just look so much better.

Any suggestions welcome. Havent seen many of these around so id like to keep it close to original.