Author Topic: 1959 Lone Star El Dorado "Project Texas Tornado" (Another Boat)  (Read 30591 times)

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Re: 1959 Lone Star El Dorado "Project Texas Tornado" (Another Boat)
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I was out on the boat the other day on a Tuesday afternoon and this guy came up on a dingy, he told me that his dad owned the same boat back in 1960 and had it for years, we talked about some of the memories of the boat and it turned out that even though the boat was long gone, he still had the OE canvas cover in his garage! I was a little skeptical but we traded numbers and yesterday I went over to his house and sure enough he unfolds this big old canvas (with authentic old canvas smell) and on one side you could still make out the outline of the boat including the hand rails on the roof.  A little while later I was the proud new owner! For being over 55 years old it is still in great shape.  This should be a really nice and work a lot better than the 5 tarps I am using now. 

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Re: 1959 Lone Star El Dorado "Project Texas Tornado" (Another Boat)
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That's awesome.
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