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71 Bonneville to Dream Bike
« on: Nov 12, 2008, 23:13:47 »
Hello all,

Here is my project. 

Its a 71 Bonnie that I got for a song.  After learning that the 71 is the bastard child of the Triumph / Bonneville family I've decided to bob / chop whatever it's called, the bike.  I've always liked the low slung rigid frame style of bike.  The plan now is to use the tank, forks, wheels, engine and put them in / on this:

I'm not sure of the specifics but I see it with drag bars, magneto, side pipes, custom built oil tank etc.  I'm not going to go too crazy with rake angles, or ape hangers. In fact I'm planning on leaving the rake stock, with just a mild stretch.  The details will come to me as I move along.  I plan to have it on the road by late spring.

I'm envisioning a powder coated silver frame, metallic green tank, fenders etc, with a silver swoop or scallops. I'm leaning towards the Trump swoop.  Tan/Brown leather seat...

More updates later.