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1974 S4 400
« on: Nov 16, 2014, 21:03:27 »
I just picked this up today in a swap for some floor tiles (it even came with a clean title). Motor rolls but the trans may be locked in first now (tried shifting through and after the down stroke it gave up) this may also just be the shaft flexing. wheels are straight and there is minimal rust considering the age (hump in the back and the seat are lost).

Looking to make a tracker/scrambler out of it.

One problem I may run into is sourcing some parts; carbs, exhaust, side covers, and electrical bits and parts.

I plan on making a few of the parts myself; oil tank, seat, possibly forks from a newer sport bike.

Any help from anyone that knows about these triples would be glorious.

Pics (because everyone likes to see the project).

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Re: 1974 S4 400
« Reply #1 on: Nov 22, 2014, 00:50:14 »
Not much in the way of progress on the motorcycle physically. I did however start ordering parts.

So far:
Engine seals
Case covers
Spare tank
Various boots and gromets

I also have a painter in my family so I will be packing up the original tank and sending it to him to get that out of the way, and using the $25 tank for mock up. I would like to put the oil under the tank I just need to find out what to do with the coil packs. Possibly mount them in a row on the bottom of the oil tank? Any suggestions?