Author Topic: Suzuki tm125/rm100 dirt bike/maybe tracker  (Read 958 times)

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Suzuki tm125/rm100 dirt bike/maybe tracker
« on: Dec 18, 2014, 23:37:12 »
Ok so when my dad was 15 (which was almost 20 years ago) he bought a dirt
Bike from a friend for $50...great idea right? Maybe! Haha, anyways he had it
Cobbled together and even used gas piping for the exhaust pipe like they do on
Lawn tractors...did I mention that the motor and frame are two different models?
Haha so so now I'm working on getting it together right and getting it to ur so we
Have another dirt bike this summer. Basically the plans for the build are to restore it but I might be able to convince my dad to make it more like a tracker, were also adding head lights, tail lights and a battery.  Here's some pics of the progression

That how I had it mocked up then decided that it was so wrong and I had no clue what I was thinking so I redid it

Then I got it right with the help of the sub we had for that day, he was a custom car builder I think or something like that and he helped me get the mounts right.

There's the rear mounts

And I have to chop and rebuild the exhaust so that it will wrap around the frame correctly cus the stock exhaust doesn't since the frame and motor are two separate models
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