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Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' - Done'ishh
« on: Feb 22, 2015, 17:22:51 »
Well, here we go again.
Didn't really plan on building another bike right now, but heck with it, spring is coming.
I sold my face-lifted XS400 last September. It went off to Finland and my last ride with it was at DGR, proper end to a story of the kind.

Then I had a knee surgery related to the mistakes from the past and had some time to think - what's nest..
I've been collecting tons of ideas and pictures from the blogs and forums on our scene and I started to notice what I like and what not. And two of them all stood out for me, Tarantulas CB750:

..and MotoHangar's SR500:

It's pretty obvious, isn't it? So It appears I like rugged finishes, rough edges, metal and black, the simplicity, which gives the vibe of a pure mechanical beast.
To categorize, the outcome should still be cafe racer (ish), hence the sub-forum choice.
And to be honest I already had built a trailer queen once (twice). Sure, I rode it hard, but the looks made it too precious. still.
So I got a nice looking SR500 from German eBay, It was a steal and had to be brought back home.

Although, once I started looking into it, it turn out to be in pristine condition, only one previous owner and very well maintained. I just couldn't send it under the knife and sold it for relatively good profit.
At the same time Hookie had finished their sixth build.. again, jackpot. The pictures came up everywhere and I was blown. I Still stare at it whenever it comes through the feed.

Suddenly I didn't necessarily need a thumper anymore, kinda glad the SR was gone.

Fast forward about a month. A friend got in contact saying he can't store his CB900 at the old place anymore. So I offered it a shelter, at the same time thinking numbers in my head.. Didn't need to think hard, tho, a few weeks later he texted me: 'Hey, I'm in great mood today, you can have the CB'. And there is that,
I was now a proud owner of a '79 model SC01 imported to Estonia in '05. For the next 5 years the owner rode it hard without any inspection til he didn't need it anymore and just left it in front of his house.. for 2 years. Then the friend mentioned before bought it with a two-up cafe plans in mind. This is how he picked it up back in 2012 (I guess):

And then he started his thing. He made a custom tank, some clip-ons, seat pan, relocated the battery under the swing-arm and all that, but the 2 years of no roof had done the damage: all the pistons in calipers were stuck and what could rust or oxidize, surely did that.  But the project was stalled, he now wanted something lighter. Ducati Monster clearly is..
So the looks wasn't that promising when I got it.

As I just got my bachelor's degree and recently quit my old job, I've been spending all my time on building this thing. It's been a month now and as of today I could say I'm half way there. I haven't documented it that well as previous times but I try to make it up from now on.

Luckily I got the stock tank and all the original parts except the carbs (they appear to have walked away on their own). And as I already found out from the wide web, the stock carbs a a no-go with cone filter anyway so no biggy.

I'm probably going to update on different topics rather than chronological sequence.
Stay tuned,

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #1 on: Feb 22, 2015, 17:39:02 »
I got the carbs. Much reccomended Mikuni BST's from GSXR, 38mm. In bad condition, full of sand and moving parts all pretty much stuck.

Then some ultrasonic clean and other stuff:

At least everything is moving now, we'll see if they're any good once I get around to starting the motor.

And the manifolds made, to get the new set-up mated:

Engine covers and some other bits texture black powder coated:

Rims got a fresh coat of semi gloss black powder as well, front wheel bearings replaced (rear wheele seemed to be in order and mounted in Shinko 705's.

Time to go for the bare metal tank look. Lots of dents revealed once the paint was off. Even better. :)

It's a start.

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #2 on: Feb 22, 2015, 18:20:01 »
The forks were obviously too long and soft, even the seal stopper rings had rusted away, it was time to tweak those.

75 mm spacers for damper rods (oil channels drilled and secured in place with M3 headless allens(, new seals and stoppers as well:

Springs cut shorter by 55 mm, legs brushed and everything back together:

It was time to start with the tail section. As seen on my inspiration pictures above, they all have sheet metal cowl. As much as I like that, I don't know my way around shaping sheet metal and no way I can clearly explain to somebody else what I exactly have in mind. My way out was playing around with the materials I am already familiar with.

Firstly I laminated the seat section so it sits neatly on top of the frame rails:

Then some Legos on top of it:

5 hrs later:

Masked up and siliconed:


And the shell:

Now to cut and shape the edges and finish the thing, but more on that later.

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #3 on: Feb 23, 2015, 14:40:11 »
Got some bits sandblasted today:

About those frame mods.
I cut the subframe rails as short as needed, solved the under the swingarm battery a bit better and removed some more tabs on triangle section.Steering lock welded shut, new steering stopper (old ones were removed due to USD fork) and last but not least the new tank mount. Old one was heavily altered for the custom unit and it just seemed wise to build a completely new one.

Had the underside of the tank blasted as well, too much effort to get rid of all that paint for powder coating otherwise.

Tail piece taking shape:

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #4 on: Feb 24, 2015, 01:54:12 »
cool work on that tail section
ill be following this one

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #5 on: Feb 24, 2015, 05:24:18 »

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #6 on: Feb 25, 2015, 17:59:20 »
A little one for today.
Put on a layer of paint to see the lines and lower spots, no filler just yet.

Then laminated the seat pan

and cut it in shape.

Also drilled the mains to 130 on carbs, it's the starting point at least, hopefully can work it out from there. One of the sync outlets was broken, new one made out of welder's nozzle.

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #7 on: Feb 25, 2015, 19:33:43 »
This sucker looks fantastic. Great job on the tail. Really cool design.

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #8 on: Feb 28, 2015, 16:45:57 »
Got the foam and glue for the seat.

And ready for upholstery.

Second round powder coating back, as well. Frame and swinger gloss black, other bits textured and the tank clear coated. I don't really dig the look of the tank anymore, maybe try to sand it down a little or something. At least it's strong..

Shocks with freshly coated spring back together:

A close up from the tank, it actually looks better on the picture than it really is.

The horse powers restored:

So the cockpit. A while back I got some Tommaselli clips. One of them was slightly bent, handled that. The bike also came with 90's era Nissin front master, lever was damaged, cut the knob off and brushed/taped it a little. Also bought a Domino Throttle assembly yesterday and some Biltwell grips.

And matching left side - modified the perch heavily to get rid of the choke assembly.

30 eur find from local moto scrapyard. I needed a 4-1 collector and this one also had a nice baffle for which I can find further use as well. Now I need to mate my headers to that collector.

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Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom'
« Reply #9 on: Mar 01, 2015, 04:09:26 »
looking good!! will follow for sure