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How to Title a Bike the Right Way

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Hey All,

Just wanted to let you know that I followed these instructions and it worked like a dream.  Within 20 days I was riding legally in Washington state for $70.  Saved me about $200 and a 6-8 week wait for an inspection - one that I probably would not have passed considering my blinkers are not currently wired up!

Did the same with my CB750 last year when my brother couldn't find the paperwork on the bike after it had been in his storage unit for 3 years. Worked like a charm in Florida.

Awesome!  It was terrifying sending it off - particularly as there aren't any recent examples of people saying it worked!

I've used a the "Vermont registration" technique a couple of times to get old bikes titled and back on the road in Massachusetts. For bikes of the right age, it's a great money saving bureaucratic bypass. In Massachusetts, if you don't have a previous registration or title, you're pretty much SOL.

The only problem with buying and untitled bike is if it is a stolen bike......Then those plans go awry. 

Make sure the bike you are buying is not stolen.....


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