Author Topic: Weld advice... to grind & redo or not?  (Read 2612 times)

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Re: Weld advice... to grind & redo or not?
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pretty them up ? nobody will notice ,huge waste of energy
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Re: Weld advice... to grind & redo or not?
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those are just typical production welds for that era of jap bike,nothing to worry about, move along, just paint over them,be done

Yup.  Nothing whatever to worry about there.  Those are MIG welds and the defects are likely from the shielding gas going missing for some reason.

However, a very little bit of work will go a very long way if you want the frame to look better.  The first thing is to cover up that bare metal immediately!  If it is humid where you are, this is really important.  It is super humid where I live, and I epoxy my frames within minutes of sandblasting them or they get rust percolating through the paint years later.  Spend an hour with a couple of files and smooth off the really bad welds, and then as already mentioned, smear some glazing putty (or polyester body filler like Bondo would be better) over those porosity holes with your finger and sand smooth.  You don't have to be super fussy to get a big improvement - just depends on how picky you are.  The manufacturer thought it was fine as is and just painted it, but just a little work will make it a lot nicer.  If you powder coating talk to you vendor first as you likely will be wasting your time filling any defects.
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