Author Topic: Doing Research For Tracker Build Using Kawi Ninja 650 (Probably)  (Read 5330 times)

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It's probably just an outer cover as modern castings are very thin (even thinner than they were when GSX-R came out) You had to fit thicker covers or slider plates to race them as it became a pretty serious issue pretty quick, even a minor fall over(literally stationary and fell of stand, etc) could crack the cover. Can you check the bolts didn't bend and crack crankcase? That's about the only thing that would make it a 'no-go'
Thanks pj.  Just been looking on ebay and even if it is the crankcase a used set can be had for less than $150!  The lien thing has me the most worried after googling that, looks like I could be on the hook to pay off any outstanding debt on the bike :o
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