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Re: 1983 XV500 Cafe Racer
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Jpmobius, I see the point you are making. I had considered moving both mounts higher, however at this stage I'll suck it and see. I've bought a stronger spring because I want the rear to be firm. My intention is to build the bike and get it running/riding before painting the frame and swingarm.  As the angle of the shock isn't too severe at full compression, I don't anticipate the spring force varying a noticeable amount, I maybe wrong, but hey if I am, then I'll tear it apart and make some changes. Its all about the experience and learning ;-)

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Re: 1983 XV500 Cafe Racer
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That's the spirit!  Keep in mind it is not he angle itself (within reason) that is the issue, but the change in angle between links through their travel that changes the rate.  Great idea to run it before paint.  Something I always do myself.  Designing and fabricating parts takes a lot of time.  As does all the pretty work.  Assembling a whole bike after everything is sorted out is trivial - shame more people don't make it their game plan.
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