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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #10 on: Nov 11, 2016, 22:47:55 »
Very cool work.  I like where you're going with this.

Keep it up!

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #11 on: Nov 15, 2016, 20:19:21 »
Alright alright. I hit a milestone over the weekend....subframe is DONE! Man that was a tall mountain to climb and I'm glad its finished. Turned out miles better than I ever imagined. Also gave me the skill set to execute the rest of the build. Also a bit of gloating here....the subframe is level side to side and fore aft, and perfectly lines up with the tank. Man, it was so freaking tedious, but 100% worth it. It feels good to have the level bubble be right in the middle (or as one of my old bosses would say "on the nuts" haha).

Now all the fine details come in, seat pan, exhaust, all the electrical work, frame/tank paint, engine prep/pain/reinstall....and all those goodies.

In the mean time, here are a bunch of photos from the last push on the subframe. Learned how to notch tubes, bend metal, weld, reinforce a frame, and cut clearance for the new carb. Oh and I was able to remount the tank in its new position! Boom! Progress!....yet so much to go....

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #12 on: Nov 15, 2016, 20:40:34 »
Very nice work, looks great. What kind of seat height do you think it'll be when you're done?

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #13 on: Nov 15, 2016, 22:37:10 »
Hey Perry!

I set the static (non sag) seat height at 33in. So after suspension sag and a foam buildup it should be right about 34in.

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #14 on: Nov 27, 2016, 03:26:47 »
Dang it has been way too long since I updated this. Lots of things have happened!

1. New seat pan installed. Big step here. Hardest part was matching the bends of the tank while maintain the angle down to the front portion of the seat. I got real familiar with the anvil and a hammer haha. But it all worked out! Then welded on some nuts to the top and made a tab for underneath. Now it'll just slide in and bolt down with 2 bolts from the back. Its super sturdy and should give a pretty clean look.

2. Cleaned/Painted/re-installed the motor. I pulled the case covers and painted them this sweet metallic black - which should look stellar in the light. But during the painting and cleaning process, I was dumb and forgot to order new gaskets, so now everything is waiting on those to get in...ugh. On the bright side (literally), the motor looks incredible and should give the finished bike that nice polished and finished look.

3. Made a quick little battery box. I decided to go with a lithium ion battery. It saves weight and fits much better in the frame. This will sit right behind the carb and will act as a pseudo barrier for the pod filter.

So at this point everything is mounted up and good to go. As I took things apart, I made sure to clean and fix anything along the way. 99% was just getting all the 20yr old dirt off this thing. I made a little box for the fuse box and other misc electrical bits. After I get the battery sorted and mounted, I'll start going through to tidy up the rest of it.

Next on the list is seat upholstery. I added a quick photoshop of what my direction is. I want to do more of a moto style seat with some cool perforated black leather panels. Exhaust is also high on the list of NEED TO GET DONE. If anyone out there in LA has a good exhaust tube bender please let me know! I'm planning to use the stock headers, and use 2 mufflers to exit from below/side of the seat. It should be close to stock positions, but with the new mufflers it'll be a bit cleaner.

I think that covers it. I was hoping to have more done by now, but its all the little things that add up. Still stoked on how its turning out, but at this point I'm way too deep in this to take shortcuts.

aaaaanddd here are all the photos haha!

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #15 on: Nov 27, 2016, 12:46:40 »
 Looks good man. How thoroughly did you clean the engine cases before spraying that paint on, just curious because I am closing to painting the engine for my SL175 enduro project.   Also, that's a pretty sweet little shop man, is that all just yours?
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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #16 on: Nov 27, 2016, 14:15:29 »
Nice job on the seat
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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #17 on: Nov 28, 2016, 02:30:17 »
Thanks guys! Hopefully upholstery is done this week and it'll look more put together haha.

Luugo86, I scrubbed the crap out of it. I started by taping off all the seams and ports. Then scrubbed with soap and water. Then used a light degreaser, and scrubbed some more. Finally, I used some brake cleaner and iso alcohol to clean it all and make sure there was no residue left. Just be careful on where you're spraying, that was the hardest part.

I sanded a few parts of the case covers that were rough and beat up as well.

I found some good cleaning brushes at pep boys and just went to town. I spent probably 4 hours cleaning and prepping the engine. Painting was the easy part haha! But once most of the grease was soaked it started to come off much easier.

And the shop is a DIY garage in DTLA called Lucky Wheels. I sure wish I could call it mine! But its a community shop, and I'm just a member. It helps me get access to tools that I normally wouldn't buy on my own, and a wealth of member knowledge.

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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #18 on: Dec 03, 2016, 13:38:50 »
Seat is finished! Dropped off the seatpan at the upholstery guy, and by some miracle it came back the next day and it is INCREDIBLE! I am over the moon with their thing. It's really coming together. I also made another battery box (1st one wasn't that cool) and got the tiny battery to fit.

Biggest next thing to check off is the exhaust. Not sure what I want to do here...if you guys have any ideas , I'm totally open. I was either thinking a moto style FMF, with a 2 into 1 setup. Or a flat track style 2 into 2. Or maybe an under seat arrangement. Still not sure. Either way, it's the last little bit that I need!


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Re: NX650 Urban Dual Sport
« Reply #19 on: Dec 03, 2016, 19:39:11 »
2-1 high mount FMF with a power bomb alllllll dayyyyyyy
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