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81 DT175 Build
« on: Nov 09, 2016, 00:11:27 »
Recently gotten bored of working on my CB750 and wanted something that I could easily ride and bomb around on. Started looking around and immediately decided I wanted to pickup an older enduro 2 stroke and started the hunt. What I came across was the DT series was the most popular with some of the Suzuki TS models in close second.

Took a 4.5 hour drive to pick up this bike but got the guy from $800 down to $600 and had a fun little bike that scoots around well. The bike isn't without its problems as it needs a new petcock which I found on ebay ( for a great price and free shipping!. The other things that I will end up requiring is a oil tank and right side cover and need some lights and gauges. I've also put an order in for a replacement choke for the carb.

The next few days will be dismantling the yamalube pump and get that working as the bike is currently running on pre-mix and running way to much oil through it.

Enjoy the little bike and I will make updates as important stuff come up... Oh another thing if you are a Canadian with a 81 DT175 please let me know or if you have the things I am looking for lets talk!