Author Topic: The Little Cub That Could  (Read 2139 times)

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Re: The Little Cub That Could
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My favorite source of parts when putting my '63 Honda Trail 55 back together.

Do you not want to replace the motor entirely? They have everything from 50cc 3 speed auto clutch replacements, to 190cc 4 speed manual clutch setups available. I ran a good year or so on the stock 49cc until I started replacing the engines.
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Re: The Little Cub That Could
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I had a 63, it was my first new motorcycle. They are pretty tough little motors and will go a long time even when out of spec. I suspect your flywheel is wrong or you have some other problem not yet identified. Unfortunately, I never had to change one out, so I can't give you any ideas or parts numbers. You will need to hunt for the correct part by frame and engine number.  If you just want to get it running, run a ball hone down the cylinder to break the glaze, throw in the new rings and put it back together. It will run! Make sure you put the rings on correctly.  They are nice bikes.

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