Author Topic: MonstaLiner roll on paint, for the frame  (Read 606 times)

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MonstaLiner roll on paint, for the frame
« on: Dec 08, 2016, 17:27:04 »
Ive been doing a lot of research for engine paint on my CB, ive got the plan there now.   Ill be setting up to mod the framr this weekend and get that scrambler style setup.   Now with the bike intentions being a cross country camp bike, I fully expect to have an accidental tip over in the dirt, so i got thinking about the frame.

My original plans are being scrapped, i wanted a super shiny show bike to be polished out of this turd I bought for $180, truth is its just not in my budget.

So I thought about powdercoating the frame boring ol black again... but remembered the Jeep crew commhnity im in swears by this Monstaliner stuff even as a main paint job.  It becomes an armor more or less, where paint and powdercoat scratch easily.    Monstaliner comes in a huge variety of colors, is rust inhibitive, and is durable as fuck.  So, Im wondering if anyone here has any experience with the stuff.  Im thinking of going with the desert tan color, and even using it on the fuel tank but painting the trim a bedliner textured black.

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Re: MonstaLiner roll on paint, for the frame
« Reply #1 on: Dec 08, 2016, 23:33:18 »
have you seen the mythbusters spisode where they bombproof a house with the stuff? might provide inspiration
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