Author Topic: Custom Triple Trees - CB350/400/550/750/GL1000 - Other designs available  (Read 3409 times)

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What kind of motor mount design do you have in mind?

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If you have a SOHC near by, I need to move the right side rear from inside to out, Honda already does this on later years but I want to match the one I made for the front, but this will require a small chunk of bilet maybe 3X4X1.25" because of the spacer to the motor... two piece would be fine but for now I'm using four  :-\

This: is the rear with markings for the spacer measurements, the spacer in the image is for an exhaust used as an example 

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Yeah I'm sure we could come up with something. All I do is Honda 750/4's so I should have the stuff to mock something up. PM me and we can talk more there.

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Matt did a real nice job on making me a Rickman reproduction underslung AP Lockheed rear caliper mount just recently. I'm definitely wanting to have him make me a set of billet triples for the Rickman to run 89 GSXR1100K forks once I get my ride heights and rake and trail figured out...
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