Author Topic: Building my own two-stroke "Mongrel" - Inspired by CharlieT & TedT  (Read 28018 times)

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I'm lovin this :)
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Well I got to fartin around in the yard a little too hot and heavy a few weeks ago after doing some carburetor dialing and high sided the bike. Luckily it was fairly low speed and in the grass or it coulda been kinda bad. Tweaked my new handlebars and mangled up my rear sets on each side. Tank pipe an everything else seems okay, I got a little skinned up up but my dad always says "When you're dumb you gotta be tough..."

Long story short, finally got it where it was running good and super crisp once warm. Was coming across the yard at a pretty good clip faster than I realized (I can tell this will be a problem...haha). Got onto the brakes harder than I should have and then into a little bumpy area and I washed the front end out. Totally my own stupidity and I knew better but I was having too much fun listening to the exhaust to realize how fast I was going at the time.

So, I gotta work on fixing the rear sets again.

In the interim I've been doing a lot of research and reading on trying to do my own hydroform exhaust pipe. The sectional looks awesome but mother of God is it labor and time intensive to build. I've exchanged a few emails with a guy named Martin I found on a forum that has built a ton in the UK and has basically shared information and technique on how to do it. So I'm gonna be working towards that also. The initial lay out has been the most confusing part to me and I think I have an understanding of that now. Basically after that you lay it out on sheet metal, weld the edges and pump up with a pressure washer. Here's a vide on Youtube that shows some of the process (not mine):

I hope to in the next coming few months be able to start experimenting with that. Between now and March is usually when I get more projects done in the shop so hopefully I get to spend some more time in there with Dad and continue working on this beast.
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Looking forward to it!