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18" Front Comstar Rim
« on: Oct 17, 2016, 03:40:17 »
I'm parting together a 81' CB750K i picked up for $300 off craigslist. It was in pieces, the previous owner removed the engine from the frame; i imagine he was having cam issues. I'm doing a build sheet right now, my budget is $5k. i'm stuck at the moment on wheels and tires.

I don't want to go to 17" rims. I'm a taller rider (6'3") and i think reducing the trail would affect the steering negatively.

The bike i have came with spoked rims but i'm thinking i want Comstar rims. What is the weight difference between spoked and Comstars? I imagine the Comstars are lighter unless you use an aluminum rim.

Correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like the 79-82' CB750F/CB900F came with a 18" rear and a 19" front.  Looking at tire options, 17" rims seem to have the best performance options. I see a couple options in 18" but sticky 19" options are seem rare. What Bikes used a 18" Front Comstar? Are there major differences in wheel spacing and hub?

Lastly, I have 3 tanks: a K tank, an F tank and a modified K tank with knee wells. I think the K tank is looks the best but feels like you're constantly birthing a watermelon. The F tank fixes that problem but is not good looking at all. Opinions?

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Re: 18" Front Comstar Rim
« Reply #1 on: Jan 18, 2018, 22:57:33 »
Do you still have the spoke wheels? I just bought a 79 CB750L with the Comstar wheels and I would swap you for yours.
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