Author Topic: Paint or powdercoat or re-anodize some '76 Goldwing hoops?  (Read 583 times)

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Hey all,

Rebuilding my '78K, and have a certain color scheme in mind. Had the chrome stock rims powdercoated the right shade of blue. When I got home however, I noticed that where the rim folds over to make the bead, that a one inch long section of rim had "peeled up", i.e. the metal had bulged up and out, leaving a jagged edge. I went back to the shop, and they said moisture must have been inside, and the baking process caused it to burst out like that.
So, I now have a sweet set of lighter, aluminum rims from a '76 Goldwing I want to lace up on my K hubs. What would be better for the aluminum hoops, Paint or Powder or re-anodize?
Re-anodize involves re dipping in acid, and then dipping in dye before boiling in water to seal the aluminum oxide crystals over the dye. I won't get the electric blue color I want though, think Ford Mustang and Focus RS, or Jeep wrangler electric blue.


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Re: Paint or powdercoat or re-anodize some '76 Goldwing hoops?
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Powder coat would be the best long term choice. Probably the cheapest professional route to take.