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Re: Venture 72: A Motorcycle Documentary
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Melancon's was where the steps protrude out.

LA 105 is where the final scene was filmed. I've never been, but I'm told it's about 6mi west of the LA 1 intersection.

Dude thats awesome! Thanks alot for that info we will definitely make it a point to come thru there and I hope we can say hi!

Long time no talk! We’ve been pretty busy the past few months planning the trip, testing out our camera equipment, and of course taking the bikes out for a few test runs. 
We recently spent a weekend out in the Delaware Water Gap to get our feet wet for our 10,000 mile journey around the country. Our little weekend rendezvous gave us a pretty decent gauge on what we need to work on before we hit the road on August 1st. 
We will keep you updated over the next few weeks as we get down to crunch time.  We’ve got about 6 weeks till we say so long to the comfort of our homes and say hello to the good ol’ open road.  Stay Tuned, check out our pictures below from our test run. Be Well Friends.

We also flew our drone to test it out at a waterfall in Jim Thorpe PA.

Lots more to do before we leave!

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Re: Americana: A Motorcycle Documentary
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Stuck a solar panel on the sportster today, gonna need it to support my internet porn habit for the next 3 months.

12 days to go.