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CL175 K0 Questions
« on: Mar 04, 2017, 02:56:00 »
Hey folks,

I have a 68 CL175 that was smoking like a champ. I learned that the end of the cam on the left is scored to hell so I bought a replacement, as well as piston rings and a new gasket set.

While installing the new rings tonight I somehow managed to completely seize the cylinders on the pistons because I'm retarded or something. I'm sure even if I was able to get them off the sleeves would be ruined, and probably the pistons as well.

I'm thinking if I can find a new crankshaft somewhere with connecting rods on it and some pistons and cylinders I'll just replace the whole set and that'd be easier.

I have a sloper, so I'm wondering if the crankshafts, cylinders, and pistons for all of the 175s will fit, or if there's certain years I can look for. Any ideas on that? I found a bunch of options on eBay and before I go and spend half the value of the bike again I wanna be sure this stuff will fit.

Thanks in advance, you all are lifesavers!

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