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Rustoleum Hard Hat Clear
« on: Mar 06, 2017, 05:06:28 »
I've been using this as it's half the price of Spraymax.

It dries very hard, crystal clear, and retains that sharp glassy shine that single pack lacquers typically lose after a month or so of curing.

I do not know how resilient it may be to fuel spillage so I can't recommend it for tank work. However, that aside I can heartily recommend it for side panels, brackets, engine covers etc.

In addition, it can sit on the shelf for months or years and will still be good to use, whereas Spraymax only lasts a day or so after it's been activated.

They also do it in various colours, although I've not tried them myself. As a cheaper alternative to Spraymax for smaller jobs it gets my vote.