Author Topic: Deals for Builders: Electrical Systems & Batteries  (Read 657 times)

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Deals for Builders: Electrical Systems & Batteries
« on: Mar 07, 2017, 15:47:51 »
Next category in the Deals for Builders series; Electrical Systems & Batteries. Now through Sunday 3/12 take 10% off any items in the category with coupon Code - ACDC. Just remember to log into your DCC account for the code to work properly.

A little taste of the horrific puns that have already been floating around here... and it's only Tuesday!

You're my ohm-ly hope, don't resist the puns. Gotta stay current or I'm positive folks will re-volt.

I think your puns may be generating some negative comments. Be sure to use alternating styles to keep watts next direct and straightforward.  Otherwise you may diode and alone.

Iím pretty ampíd reading this, itís quite electrifying and energizing to see you guys so wired today!

I'm solenoid with these puns I can't relay it. Wire we continuing this? Happy to have sparked a trend, but it's time to pull the plug, set a cap, and rectify the situation before there's none left to fuse. Eventually, a stator county regulator could sensor us or press charges.