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XS1100 Engine Rebuild
« on: Apr 04, 2017, 17:18:41 »
Well, what started off as a "Eh, I'll just clean the carbs proper" turned into a "all the way down to the frame complete rebuild".
I was having a blast until I got to the engine and pricing things out went from cheap to ouch. Now I'd like to be more careful and ensure its done right the first time around.
I have a cylinder head in rough shape. Check out those craters and that carbon. 
All the valves leaked and upon removal reveal several cracked valves and a cracked valve seat.
One piston face has stamped crater marks also, cylinder walls aren't damaged but need rehoning at the least. I haven't check to see the wear in each cylinder yet.
My plan as of now is to upgrade the valves, cut a three angle seat, bore out the cylinders to fit the 1196 big bire kit, replace the bearings, and repaint after uts all buttoned back up.

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