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Re: Moto Guzzi
« Reply #15 on: Jul 10, 2017, 09:17:55 »
Great weekend out at Mid Ohio.
Always fun to meet up with members, drink beer, wonder the swap meet and generally have a good time.

Rained like all hell Friday (would not be MidO without some rain), but did manage to buy a few needed parts.
Last two years have been kind of dry for me.  I am chalking it up to the fact that I have a fairly well stocked garage and do not have a whole lot of "needs".
Or maybe I am growing as a person and not constantly buying any old junk?

About 5 minutes after getting to the swap meet I found an airbox for the Guzzi!

Will need to be blasted, painted/coated and the rubbers replaced, but I am happy.
How can you beat that?

While I LOVE to mock the current pods on the bike, the fact is that they work and there is no mechanical reason to replace them.
I want to go back to the stock airbox purely for aesthetics.
I prefer the look of the box.  I like that it hides the electrical and the battery.  I also think that it looks more "finished" if that makes any sense.

There was not a whole lot of Guzzi stuff or bikes at the event.
I did see this parked at a "dealer's" booth in the meet.

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Re: Moto Guzzi
« Reply #16 on: Jul 17, 2017, 09:48:17 »
Been super busy with work, wedding planing, and SCUBA diving.
All bike stuff has been on the back burner.  Actually rather bummed about that.

Ended up with Sunday free, so worked on the Guzzi a bit.
Also helped install long tube headers on my friend's TrailBlazer SS.
If one of your friends ask you to help with that job......RUN AWAY.

Fork springs and new seals.

I really LOVE they way that you change the seals on this bike.  Very simple.

While the tires are new, I might need to change them anyway due to dates.
They are also hard and cracking.

Started to put everything back into the transmission, but decided that this was a job best saved for a quite evening.
I want to sit with the diagrams and manuals.
Only want to due this job once.

Also need to figure out how to move this junk from one shaft to the other.
Anyone know how this works?

Took one of the valve covers off.
Wouldn't you know.....the valves are not adjusted correctly....
SUPER tight.  Lucky this is an easy job.

Did get the motor back into the frame, so that was a good thing.
Thrilled that the front end is back on, and sitting properly.

Anyone have some recommendations on fork fluid?

Even got done with enough time to go home, shower and wait for GoT!

Feels great to be crossing some stuff off the list.
Still need to order some parts for the rear drive rebuild.

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Re: Moto Guzzi
« Reply #17 on: Jul 20, 2017, 09:45:28 »
Called in sick Tuesday.
Was WAY to nice out to be stuck in a office.

Went up to Blue Mountain Lake to SCUBA dive.
I wanted to get my Altitude Certification.  Also almost done with my Divemaster for PADI.

Lake was really clear.  Had an interesting coal train car in about 30 feet of water to explore.

The parts boxes are starting to get fairly small, so that is a good thing.
-Air cleaner
-Carb boot
-Random transmission O-Rings
-Shifter fork spring thing
-Throw out bearing bearing thing.
-Seal/gasket kit for rear end

Need to drop that airbox off at my coater for some gloss black.
Might have a few other random parts for the bike done at the same time.
The mounts for the floor boards are chipped.

I hope this weekend I can tackle the transmission and get that re installed into the bike.
After that I will go trough the rear drive.
Fingers crossed the gears are shimmed and set correctly as I really would rather not have to deal with that.