Author Topic: 1991 cb750 nighthawk brat  (Read 5444 times)

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Re: 1991 cb750 nighthawk brat
« Reply #30 on: Apr 18, 2018, 17:21:44 »
Yesterday my little sweet frankenstein saw public road for the first time. Temporary wooden seat is hardcore looking but surprisingly pretty ridable!!)

Tank is not in a final position.. Exhaust turned out to be way too loud, gonna put baffles or replace whole thing..

Idle and up to 3-4k runs pretty good on all gears, ie smooth acceleration and cruising moderate speed around 40mph.. In case of fast throttle advance and/or 5k+ rev becomes very rough, spitting back to carb, great difficulties with rev increase and acceleration.. AFR sensor shows rather lean during this.. Probably needle has to be shimmed up, will see, weather went real bad for next week..

Otherwise its a total joy to finally have a ride!)

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Re: 1991 cb750 nighthawk brat
« Reply #31 on: Apr 18, 2018, 20:32:31 »
There is a 1991 bike like those for sale around me. This gives me some thoughts to how it could look.